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 The world's most comprehensive replacement notes catalog 

Full Color 


The First Comprehensive Book on World Replacement Notes 

A 4-color page,  elegant publication covering 300 countries worldwide including detailed information on each country, Pick number, dates, series and special catalog numbers, in addition to a price guide.

Now 2nd edition includes many updates with new countries such as China, Macau , Malaysia, and more ... Also all new replacements from 2014 till 2018 with updated pricing


300+ Countries

Special Acknoledgments

I extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the following collectors and dealers :-

Abdulsamet Tekin

Corné Akkermans

Craig Edmund Fitz Eustace

Hatem Shabaan

Heinz Wirz

Henk van Lier



Karl Saethere

Maurizio Fumagalli

Mohamed El Araby

Oleg Banachek

Refik Mert Erdumlu

Scott de Young




Nadir Shah

Vitoon Eurtivong

Syed Shahnawaz 

Joseph E. Boling

Sultan Al Mesiafri Al Hajri

Book Reviews


Dear Ali,

Once more many thanks for completing the first edition of your book. I have really enjoyed in going it through.

All the best for your further work!

Kind regards,


George Provencal

I purchased your catalogue, MWR. I must admit that when I received your package I was all excited.

I was wondering if I could take a moment of your time to comment about your catalogue.


Firstly, I must comment about your comments to your loved ones. I found that truly beautiful and you are truly blessed!


Secondly, you have done an astounding job putting this information together for all collectors. Please do not take offense; however, I was not expecting such high quality. I am honored to have this catalog. It offers information that I never knew of and would not have had the resources to locate. I feel that the information seems much more in touch with realistic values that one finds.


Mehilba, thank you for opening a door to something new and exciting. I could not believe how many replacement banknotes I had that I would have never known about.


Thank you so much for your time.

Armen Hovsepian

Dear Dr. Ali From the moment I received your book I have been reading and I am fascinated with excellent job you have done. Even though I am not too much in Replacement, except Middle East, it is astonishing how much info you have collected and organized in the book.


This will be used by collectors and dealers for many many years, next to Pick catalog.


Thanks for all you do for the hobby, the Middle East market has been revived and is awake because of your efforts during the past so many years.

David K. Yoshinaga, Ph.D., Sc.D.

Hi Ali, Your book exceeds my expectations. It will undoubtedly become a standard reference for replacement notes. 

Arthur Matz

Dear Ali,SHUKRAN!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Your most marvelous book has arrived. In every way it is superb.

The enjoyment and knowledge that it brings is very, very much appreciated and helpful.In content and appearance it is worthy of every compliment. All of the information and so easy to use.

All of the photos are a bonus ease of identification. All in all comprehensive and convenient to learn from and use to expend the enjoyment of the hobby.The work that you have done to benefit collectors is worthy of awards. You have my vote for book of the year.

With all the best wishes and gratitude for a book perfectly done.

Barry Driver

Dear Ali,I received your book yesterday, thank you.Wow, what an eye opener!!!I am really really impressed by the amount of information you have included therein.

The amount of work and organisation and filing of data in the preparation of the book obviously must have been overwhelming.

Plus it was most gracious of you to add a very pleasant personal hand written touch inside the front of the book.My sincere thanks,Barry Driver

Garry Craig

Dear Dr. Ali Mehilba, Just a quick note to confirm that I’ve received your MWR Mehilba World Replacement Catalogue.I thank you very much. I think this Book is a must have for any Serious Dealer or Collector of World Banknotes.Very informative, well laid out, Easy to follow.


Highly Recommended to all with Complete Confidence.Most impressive. A job very well done and Congratulations on getting completed and on the market. Regards and Best Wishes Garry Craig New Zealand.I think your Catalogue is a real success. Well done Ali.

Glen Jorde

Good Afternoon,In reviewing your new book, I must say that your work exceeded my expectations.I congratulate you on a job well doneBest Regards,Glen


Dear Ali I got the packages, one just in my hands, the other at the custom but I guess to arrange the papers within next few hours. The book is stunning, absolutely fantastic all in color! Beautiful! Thanks for your efforts. All the best! Andrea

Beate Rauch

Dear Ali, I want to write to you before you go on vacation. You certainly earned a long vacation aftercompletion of your monumental compilation of Replacement notes.

The super publication arrived yesterday. Congratulation many times over. It is fantastic andwill remain the Standard from now on forward.

We knew Larry Parker from he time both us us lived in Los Angeles and he in Santa Monica. Thank you for your engagement.

Dave Lok


Hello my friend! I have just received your wonderful book in the mail tonight. It's a beauty!

I am very proud to have it with your inscription as well! It turned out magnificently! You should be very proud to have such a grand work as this one.

Your hard work and dedication, (especially these past few months worth) have definitely paid off! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope you will enjoy a nice period of relaxation now - you deserve it!Your friend,

Dave Lok


Dr. Ali,I received your catalog yesterday. Impressive, to say the least.


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